A Dream and a Prayer R. Leschen (19 February 2006)


Steamboats are fuelin at the edge of the town,

Frogs are callin in the rust-colored pond,

The reeds are swayin to the rhythm of the wind,

The dinner bell sounds, bringin children in.


Fingers of the sun punch holes in the clouds,

Smoke from the chimney twists all around,

Dinners on the table and momma sings a prayer,

Dear god above I wish daddy was here.


Gunshots and lightning, the air is full of smoke,

Hes lying in repose his body in the snow,

He dreams war has ended and hes sittin in his chair,

Holding his old lady, runnin fingers through her hair.


Sweet corn and potatoes cottons in the gin,

Pappies on the radio and were listenin in,

Momma holds the baby and grandma dims the light,

The days folded inward, to all a goodnight.